NHS Wales is launching a campaign to make it easier for individuals to find help if indeed they want to stop smoking. Once you stop smoking, you will experience a number of physical symptoms as the body withdraws from nicotine. Cigarette smoking withdrawal begins quickly, usually starting within thirty minutes to one hour of the previous cigarette … Read More

This is a reasonably contentious issue as there isn't enough long-term research information available & consequently it is just extremely hard to make definitive claims yet. Motivational Solutions - Self-help catalogs and websites can provide lots of ways to motivate yourself to quit smoking. One well known example is calculating the monetary savin… Read More

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I certainly didn't anticipate it and I didn't do it cold-turkey. But I've come to the point where I can say that I haven't washed my wild hair in 9 weeks. Your hair is merely as healthy as your body, and what you take in will have a primary impact on the health of your hair. Comb carefully using a wide tooth comb. Always start from the ends of hair… Read More